UMass Summer in Ghana

Study in Ghana

Experience life in an African village! Study abroad in Ghana, West Africa with ThisWorldMusic and UMass Amherst and learn traditional African drumming, dancing, singing and craft making at the Dagbe Cultural Institute & Arts Centre.

Located in the scenic coastal village of Kopeyia, the Dagbe Institute’s rigorous instruction and authentic natural surroundings make for an experience unlike any other. Participants also tour Ghana’s rainforests, beaches and unique cultural heritage sites.

ELIGIBILITY: Enrollment is open to students and professionals worldwide, as well as to the general public. You do not need to be enrolled at UMass or any other college or university to participate in this study abroad program.

African Music & Dance Course Overview

In this 3-week cultural immersion course, Study in Ghana participants are introduced to a wide range of topics related to African culture, philosophy, and daily life.

Led by one of ThisWorldMusic’s program leaders, the group lives for 2 weeks in the Dagbe Institute’s on-campus dormitory, receiving hands-on professional instruction from local artists in drumming, dancing, singing and a variety of traditional crafts. While there, the group participates in local festivals, makes excursions to beaches and nearby open-air markets, and observes daily life in a rural Ghanaian village.

The 3rd week, we travel to Ghana’s most beautiful and fascinating locations, including: Kakum National Park rainforest reserve, historic Cape Coast Castle and The National Arts Centre. In the capital city of Accra, Study in Ghana participants visit the world renowned live music venues, sample local cuisine, tour the workshop of a master drum maker, and participate in a private performance and masterclass with the internationally acclaimed Ghana National Dance Ensemble.

Ghana Study Abroad: Credit & Cost

Offered through the UMass Amherst Department of Music & Dance for 6 credits (undergraduate or graduate) or equivalent professional development credits (PDP/CRU/PLU/CEU). Application deadline is April 15, 2014.

$3,250 program fee includes:

  • 6 UMass credits (undergraduate or graduate) or equivalent professional development credits
  • lodging for all 3 weeks
  • all meals and bottled water for 2 weeks
  • automatic complimentary enrollment in West African Rescue Association, Ghana’s premier private air/ground ambulance service
  • 45 hours of instruction
  • complimentary use of international mobile phone
  • all major in-country transport
  • select cultural events

Not included:

  • airfare (estimated): $1,500-2,000*
  • meals when not at Dagbe Institute: $200-$300
  • books/study materials: $50
  • additional private instruction (optional): $200 ($10/hour)
  • mobile phone credit (estimated): $25
  • vaccinations/immunizations: depends on insurance
  • malaria prophylaxis (malarone or doxycylcine): depends on insurance
  • visa fee: $60
  • transcripting fee: $175 (if taking course for credit)

Total program cost (estimated): $5,085-6,050

*Based on past prices. Airfare can fluctuate dramatically.

So what are you waiting for? APPLY TODAY!