Drumming FAQ

Jeremy Cohen at the Board, African Drumming for Today's Classroom

African Drumming for Today’s Classroom

African drumming offers a fresh approach to music education, one that is versatile, affordable and rigorous…and kids love it!

It’s versatile
From simple shaker patterns to breathtakingly complex lead drum phrases, differentiated learning is built-in. Easily tailor your drumming curriculum to fit any age group — from 3rd grade through high school — or ability level, from special education to honors music classes.

It’s affordable
In addition to the relatively low cost of the instruments, African drumming is affordable simply due to how it’s taught. With vocalization and movement being so central to any lesson, even a handful of instruments can be shared amongst an entire class.

It’s rigorous
This is no free-form, “do as you please” drum circle. The music, like the curriculum itself, is highly structured, requiring each member of the ensemble to play from memory a distinct, constantly evolving part. These parts overlap and intertwine to form a complex rhythmic whole, a fascinating composite that the group, in response to rhythmic cues played by the lead drummer, takes through an elegant series of variations, creating a balanced, well-formed piece of music.

…and kids love it!
They love African drumming because it’s exciting, because it grooves, and because it’s a great physical release. And with their interest in learning music sparked, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

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