School Programs

Elementary students performing at a school assembly under the direction of residency artist and ThisWorldMusic Founder Jeremy Cohen.

Take Students on an Intercultural Journey

Engage students with the sights and sounds of Africa! Through hands-on drumming workshops, assembly programs and multimedia presentations, ThisWorldMusic brings the joy and power of African drumming and culture to schools nationwide.

Take your students on a fun, exciting intercultural journey with TWM Founder/Director and Jeremy Cohen, a cultural interlocutor who blends his experience as a classroom teacher, conservatory-trained musician and African adventurer to offer insight into the unique shared music and history between the U.S. and Ghana.

  • Precision drum, bell and shaker technique for a round, full ensemble sound
  • Recitation of “drum language” using spoken syllables that help improve language skills and develop aural memory
  • Stepping and sticking exercises that use full-body kinesthetic learning to develop off-beat timing and greater comfort with polyrhythms
  • Traditional Ewe songs from Ghana that help students connect with a different culture through its native language
  • Integration with core curriculum that uses music, dance and multimedia presentations to help bring other curricular areas to life