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ThisWorldMusic News: Win Chocolate!, January Study Abroad, Percussive Arts Society Int’l Conference, Sustainable Drum Making

Happy fall! Our October e-newsletter went out last week and includes the following:

  • Win Fair Trade Ghanaian Chocolate!
  • NEW: January Study Abroad Course in Ghana
  • Percussive Arts Society International Conference
  • Sustainable Drum Making in West Africa
  • Featured Blog


African Drum and Dance Study Abroad in Ghana – Winter Term

Hard to believe fall is already upon us. With winter close behind, I’m looking forward to warming up in Ghana this January!

Our latest trip offering, the Winter Drum and Dance Field Study in Ghana, West Africa (January 2-14, 2012), is the perfect way to learn West African music and dance while getting to see the world. Check out the video below, then go to the online application on the UMass International Programs Office website. There’s also more info here.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Drumming & Dancing Connects West Africa to North Philly — *UPDATE*

ThisWorldMusic/UMass Ghana student Tara Schwitzman — a k a Ms. S — raised money on for her all-girls 5th grade drumming ensemble in North Philly.

I posted on November 13 about Philly Public Schools teacher and Ghana tripper extraordinaire Tara Schwitzman’s project to raise money on for an all girls 5th grade African drumming ensemble at her school in North Philly. With donations coming in from around the country (including the Dublin Coffman Marching Band in Dublin, OH) her project was fully funded in a matter of weeks. Go Tara!

“It is incredible…how much this music and dancing is bringing them together,” she says. “Seeing an all girls, fifth grade class come together with respect, and work together to achieve a common goal makes all the difficulties of teaching in this setting worth it.”

Ghana Trippers on Screen, at Mass. International Education Conference

The new TWM/UMass in Ghana promo spot is UP! Hailed by the New York Times as “a feast for the senses” (okay, that’s a lie) and “better than being there” by National Geographic (also a lie), the 2nd edition of our virtual tour has been updated with exciting new Africa footage (truthbomb!), along with testimonials from educators that crossed the pond summer 2010 (ka-boom!).

Not one to stand in the way of a PR juggernaut, I’ll be presenting this Friday, November 19th at the Massachusetts Council for International Education’s annual conference (list of member organizations here), where I’ll be promoting the trip and talking about the exciting field of global continuing education, all with the help of an all-star cast of TWM/UMass in Ghana alumni.  More on that to come.

Click play to enjoy the sights and sounds of Ghana!

Drumming & Dancing Connects West Africa to North Philly

ThisWorldMusic/UMass Ghana student Tara Schwitzman — “Ms. S” to her students in North Philly — is raising money to buy drumming equipment for her class on

Meet Tara Schwitzman, a dedicated young teacher in the School District of Philadelphia who was one of eighteen students and educators from around the country who traveled to Ghana, West Africa, on the ThisWorldMusic/UMass Amherst Drum & Dance Summer Study Abroad in Africa.  That experience is helping her connect with students like never before.

“Last year I was thrown into [a school] in…North Philadelphia, as an emergency certified teacher without any resources or education background,” recalls Tara.  “I struggled for months, trying to figure out how to reach my students, who have faced more turmoil in their 10 years of living than I will ever know.” READ MORE