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Spiced Fried Plantain Recipe: Kelewele (Ghana)

Plantains kelewele Ghana
Plantains are popular in Ghana as a snack or side dish. Though related to bananas, plantains are much starchier and far less sweet, and are therefore usually eaten cooked.

Plantains can be baked, boiled, fried, pounded or dried and milled into flour. Probably the most common preparation in Ghana is the seemingly ubiquitous fufu, a starch made from pounding plantain together with cassava or yam (not to be confused with sweet potato, which isn’t a true yam) that is served as an accompaniment to stews, soups and sauces.

Since pounding fufu is quite labor intensive, let’s learn to make kelewele, a delectable spiced fried plantain dish that is a popular snack in Ghana. Think sweet and hearty Ghanaian comfort food…with a kick! READ MORE

ThisWorldMusic Visits Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence College
ThisWorldMusic will be visiting Sarah Lawrence. Tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, October 27 (12:30-1:30 p.m.): Information session at the Sarah Lawrence International Programs Office for students interested in ThisWorldMusic’s Study in Ghana program.
  • Tuesday, October 28 (1:00-3:00 p.m.): Come visit ThisWorldMusic’s table at the annual Sarah Lawrence Study Abroad Fair.


From Africa to Chicago: A Children’s Game Teaches Music

Children's rock passing game Africa

Educators learning a traditional children’s rock passing game in the village of Kopeyia, Ghana.

“Holo holo holo holo, gbe sia, bne nono…” The voices of my second grade general music students sing in Ewe as the students hold the garden rocks, tracing circles on the floor. “Ala, sariki babu. Ala sariki babu.” Each student excitedly picks up his or her rock and, moving to the beat, passes the rock to the student to his or her right as they sing the phrase “Ala sariki babu” over and over. While students eagerly wait for the student next to them to pass the rock, one student inevitably ends up with multiple rocks, laughter ensues and the game starts again! This is a learning opportunity to practice singing skills, reinforce steady beat, learn about tempo, and introduce music of world cultures. READ MORE

Amazing Griot Singer Performs for Africa Study Abroad Group

While eating lunch at the Afia Beach Hotel in the capital city of Accra this past summer, some students in our Study in Ghana group noticed a group of musicians at a nearby table. One of them had what looked like a kora, a traditional stringed instrument commonly found in Mali, Guinea, Senegal, The Gambia and other countries in West Africa. This man turned out to be none other than Adama Dembele de Zoumba, a well-known griot (master musician/vocalist/storyteller) from Burkina Faso READ MORE

Studying West African Dance: At a Traditional Funeral in Ghana

Getting dressed for traditional funeral in Ghana

Dance artist and summer 2012 Ghana participant Leah Moriarty getting dressed for a traditional funeral in the village of Kopeyia, Ghana.

The following guest post comes from Leah Moriarty, a dance artist and educator from New Haven, CT. She recently returned from the ThisWorldMusic/UMass summer study abroad in Ghana program.

I have spent the last ten years attempting to wrap my head and body around West African dance. It is the only aesthetic that has ever spoken to me and made my body feel at home.

I felt I could never consider myself an African dancer for two reasons: READ MORE

Top 10 Things to Pack for Study Abroad in Ghana

Participants on the ThisWorldMusic/UMASS summer Study in Ghana program. Pack smart, stay happy!

With the ThisWorldMusic/UMASS summer 2012 Study in Ghana program on the horizon, I thought I’d share some packing tips we give trip participants. Although a standard packing list is easy to come by, these 10 lesser known items are must haves for anyone planning to study in Ghana: READ MORE

Win A Year’s Supply of Fair Trade Chocolate from Ghana, West Africa

Cocoa farmer and Divine Chocolate part owner Adwoa Asianaa. Photo Courtesy of Kim Naylor.

Join ThisWorldMusic to support West African culture and development! ‘Like’ TWM on Facebook before January 5, 2012, for a chance to win a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate from Ghana. After entering, please help spread the word about this great company by following the prompt to share with friends.

To enter, go to:

ThisWorldMusic News: Win Chocolate!, January Study Abroad, Percussive Arts Society Int’l Conference, Sustainable Drum Making

Happy fall! Our October e-newsletter went out last week and includes the following:

  • Win Fair Trade Ghanaian Chocolate!
  • NEW: January Study Abroad Course in Ghana
  • Percussive Arts Society International Conference
  • Sustainable Drum Making in West Africa
  • Featured Blog


January News: Milwaukee School in Ghana, Boston Symphony Academy, Community Drumming Classes

Community drumming at Trinity Church.

Our January newsletter went out this past Wednesday and includes resources for educators, upcoming events, and other exciting news.  This month: projects at University School of Milwaukee, The Boston Symphony Orchestra Academy School, and community drumming classes at New England Conservatory and Trinity Church.

To make sure you receive email updates from us in the future, including news on African drumming workshops, performances and study abroad opportunities in Africa, subscribe at the top right of this page.

Too much commitment? You can check out the January newsletter here.

Oral Tradition and Community

Spent a most edifying evening this past Friday with my friend and colleague Anthony Douglass discussing Ewe music and history. He played me some amazing recordings he’d made years ago of his Ghanaian teacher singing traditional Ewe songs and decoding their various meanings, recordings mostly made on a series of Sunday afternoons at this man’s home. Good luck finding this stuff in a book.

And while you can probably guess that no two renditions of a given song were identical, the point here is that READ MORE

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