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Westfield State African Drumming Ensemble Performs “Atsiagbekor”

Check out my Fall African Drumming class at Westfield State University performing the Ewe war piece Atsiagbekor (commonly referred to as Agbekor) at our recital this past Friday.  The video quality leaves something to be desired — and I should have tuned my atsimevu drum higher before starting — but nonetheless I think everyone’s hard work and great energy shines through.  So proud of my students!

UMass plays Agbekor in Ghana (video)

Got back earlier tonight from teaching Agbekor to my African Drumming class at Westfield State UNIVERSITY (all Massachusetts State Colleges were recently given the status upgrade, to much fanfare) and was feeling nostalgic for this terrific clip of my 2009 UMass group performing Agbekor at the Dagbe Cultural Centre in the village of Kopeyia, Ghana.  All that’s missing is dope T shirts!

I’ll break down each of the ensemble parts and how they fit together in the forthcoming series of ThisWorldMusic instructional webisodes, but for now, enjoy: