Educational Resources

Learn about African music and culture.

Workshops & Performances

Innovative drumming programs for students and educators.

Global Education Through the Arts

Workshops & Performances

Hands-on drumming for students and teachers.

Educational Resources

Learn about West African music and culture.

Imported Instruments

Handmade African drums, bells, rattles and more.
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Imported African Instruments

We offer a select line of imported African instruments, including traditional drums, xylophones, bells, gourd rattles and more, all handmade in West Africa.

Free Educational Resources

Check out our Great Grooves series! Listen to and play with all of our multitrack African drumming mixers — all totally interactive and FREE to use.

Workshops & Performances

Innovative drumming programs for students and educators. Learn More
ThisWorldMusic’s workshops in Memphis were received very well by our music teachers. They provided engaging resources that empower teachers to deliver the curriculum in a powerful way.” Dr. Dru Davison

Music Supervisor, Memphis City Schools

Whether working with first graders, middle schoolers or high schoolers, ThisWorldMusic makes the intricate art form of African drumming accessible, without diluting its integrity.” Miriam Altman

Fine Arts Department Co-Chair, University School of Milwaukee

The best time of my life! ThisWorldMusic’s Ghana trip was one of the most well-organized programs I’ve ever participated in. I learned songs, dances and drumming, and their role in Ghanaian culture.” Vaughn Midder

Student, University of Maryland