Great Grooves #7: Guaguancó

Interactive multitrack Cuban drumming mixer


This is the 7th installment in our Great Grooves series. Use the interactive audio mixer below to hear what all six ensemble parts sound like in Guaguancó (wah-wahn-KOH), one of the three main types of traditional Afro-Cuban rumba.

Isolate different rhythmic parts and create original mixes by adjusting instrument levels — including soloing, muting and panning individual tracks. All instruments are played by GRAMMY-nominated percussionist, educator and bandleader Wilson “Chembo” Corniel (pictured above).

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Welcome to ThisWorldMusic's Audio Mixer!

Tracks are listed, along with play, stop, pan, volume, and mute controls.


Play -> plays all of the tracks at once.

Pause -> stops all the tracks at once if currently playing.

Resume -> stops all the tracks at once if currently playing.

M -> Mute, mutes or unmutes a single track.

S –> Solo, solos or unsolos a single track.

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