Quotes from artists, educators and students.

Ghana Study Abroad

“If you want to get inside Ghanaian culture with people who have studied it and have been there countless times, go on ThisWorldMusic’s trip. I learned so much every single minute of every day. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”

— Miles Arntzen
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Ghana Study Abroad testimonials

“Out of this world! One major thing that stands out to me is the ability to meet people from all walks of life and find common ground and develop a respect for one another’s differences. We really got to interact with and build friendships with the locals.”

— Malaika Tate-Scott
Dance Student
University of Maryland

“I am a public school music teacher in Philadelphia. The music and dance I learned with ThisWorldMusic in Ghana completely transformed my inner city music classroom. Absolutely life changing and worthwhile!”

— Tara Schwitzman
Music Teacher
Philadelphia Public Schools

“Ghana was everything it needed to be: beautiful and difficult and perfect. Everyone who wants to call themselves an artist should go on this trip in order to be flung so far outside of their artistic box that you cannot help but be reborn as a student and as an artist.”

— Eric Busse Musical
Theater Student
University of Wisconsin La Crosse

“A once in a lifetime experience for learning drumming and dance. Trip leader was knowledgeable, informative and helpful. The cultural immersion was great in all aspects.”

— Alan Black
Associate Director of Bands
Midwestern State University

“There were music lessons that I’ll hold on to forever, but also cultural experiences that taught me more than I thought possible.”

— Brendan McMahon
Composition Student
Butler University

“The most life-changing class I’ll likely ever take. I gained an understanding of what it means for music and dance to truly be your life, rather than your career. The experience was absolutely worthwhile, and I will absolutely do whatever it takes to have this experience again some day.”

— Mike McSweeney
Percussion Student
University of Kentucky

K-12 Workshops & Residencies

“I’ve watched ThisWorldMusic Founder Jeremy Cohen teach drumming to first graders and high schoolers, music faculty and Social Studies teachers, professional musicians and middle school kids. ThisWorldMusic makes the intricate art form of Ghanaian drumming accessible without diluting its integrity.”

— Miriam Altman
Co-Chair, Fine Arts Department
University School of Milwaukee
K-12 Workshops & Performances Testimonials

“We at The Center for Music National Service look to organizations like ThisWorldMusic as models for the kind of creativity, innovation and true grit required to do the difficult and important work of reviving music education in our nation’s schools. With African drumming, they have found a real solution to a fundamental dilemma: how to engage and inspire students without forsaking rigor or discipline. Their drumming curriculum exposes young people to the power of music and leverages that power to broaden their cultural horizons.”

— Kiff Gallagher
Founder & CEO
The Center for Music National Service

“ThisWorldMusic’s Jeremy Cohen teaches discipline and musicality in a structured, contagiously energetic program. I saw him take disinterested middle school students and turn them into passionate drummers. His techniques were engaging and fun.”

— Dr. Elaine T. Koury
K-12 Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Cambridge Public Schools

“Hiring Jeremy Cohen is the single best decision I made in my years as principal. To say that he simply created a great music program for the our school does not begin to do justice to the sheer magnitude of his contribution. From an awesome, one-of-a-kind African drumming ensemble to a cutting-edge digital composing and keyboarding curriculum, the visionary and multi-faceted program that Jeremy designed breathed new life into Umana Middle, creating a palpable sense of excitement that is felt throughout our school’s diverse community.”

— Dr. Jose Salgado
Mario Umana Middle School Academy

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Jeremy Cohen to create the Umana Middle School Academy music program. What so impressed me was the rare combination of organizational skills and ability to deeply connect with students. They had a vision for a first rate music program and made it a reality through hard work, determination and attention to detail.”

— Claire Kaplan
Founder and Principal Consultant
CEK Strategies

Undergraduate & Graduate

“Jeremy is an outstanding musician and teacher. He creates an environment in which students are willing to take risks, and the energy and knowledge he brings to the classroom is contagious!”

— Professor Carlotta Parr
Director, Summer Music Institute
Central Connecticut State University
Undergraduate & Graduate testimonials

“ThisWorldMusic runs a top-notch program for UMass in Ghana — not an easy task, from a logistical standpoint. Student reviews of the program have been phenomenal.”

— Erika Schluntz
Director of Education Abroad
University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Brandeis Beats, which aims to bridge the gap between college students and the surrounding community through rhythm and music workshops, was founded at the beginning of 2013 as a new club at Brandeis University. As a budding club, we needed the advice and guidance of an expert in drum circle facilitation and music education to provide us with the skills to transform our ideas into an accessible, legitimate project for everyone to benefit from.

“Jeremy Cohen of ThisWorldMusic graciously took on this task. As the Brandeis Beats resident drum instructor, he demonstrated flexibility and professionalism, which are qualities we needed to stay on track as a new club. At our drum workshops, he was patient with people who came from all types of musical backgrounds. Jeremy also guided us in purchasing a new set of drums for our future drum circles. Overall, Jeremy instilled confidence in Brandeis Beats participants by passing down his valuable skills. Brandeis Beats members can now facilitate community drum circles for years to come. It was a pleasure working with him, and we look forward to future workshops!”

— Aliza Gans
Brandeis University

Professional Development

“The workshops ThisWorldMusic has produced and led for us have consistently been of the highest quality, and always leave our participants clamoring for more.”

— Emilio Gonzalez
Manager of Research and Curriculum Development
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Professional Development testimonials

“As a pianist, African music and drumming are not something that I get to explore everyday; however, I picked up so much useful information that would be directly helpful in my own playing and teaching. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my students!”

— Manabu Takasawa
Associate Professor of Music and Director of Graduate Studies
University of Rhode Island

“Mr. Cohen held a dynamic three-day workshop for professional teachers here at UMass. The students were lavish in their praise of his knowledge, his musicianship, and his energy; all 23 requested for him teach a second, more advanced workshop. His practical experience with integrating Ghanaian drumming into inner city middle school general music classes provided credibility as a teacher and clinician who understands the real world of today’s schools.”

— Roger R. Rideout
Graduate Program Director Emeritus, Department of Music & Dance
University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I asked Mr. Cohen to come work with the staff as a professional development activity. It was a wonderful experience for all of us and I received marvelous comments from all involved. We learned a lot about Ghanaian drumming, dance, song and culture and it was presented clearly. It was also a lot of fun! Highly recommended!”

— Elizabeth Perry
Director of Performing Arts
Wellesley, MA Public Schools