Welcome to the newly launched ThisWorldMusic blog! Jeremy Cohen here, composer, percussionist and TWM Founder/Director. I’ll be blogging in Product this space about West African music & dance, cultural tourism/travel, and education — global, multicultural and continuing — as well as a variety of related topics, all in support of the TWM mission:

To create a cultural bridge between students, educators and artists in the U.S. and Africa through a shared love of music Schnuppertag and the WIR arts.

In addition to updates on performances, workshops, and trips to Ghana, West Africa, the blog will be in line with our workshops and course offerings — namely, an intercultural space that is a valuable resource as well as fun. Guest bloggers, a healthy dose of humor, and multimedia offerings — pictures, transcriptions, audio examples and videos of both performances AND teaching/learning — are also on Gebelik the docket, including our forthcoming series of TWM African Drumming instructional webisodes. In short, I’m excited to begin this journey with you!

Thanks for reading and, as always, keep it funky!

Jeremy Cohen

Cambridge, MA, October 2010